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4 Lessons From TV Couples Approved By Kansas City Couples Communication Expert

Love takes work. And if there's one thing that TV relationships can be is, they can be highly unrealistic. Who blames them? It's TV, after all! From being extremely toxic, riddled with intense complexities, and fraught with issues to being ridiculously smooth and idealistic with flowers and violins in the background, TV relationships can be senseless and unreliable. However, sometimes this silliness makes us desire the same thing. This is one of the reasons why few couples genuinely stand out. And if there's something that our Kansas City couples communication expert believes in, there's a lesson even from the worst. Especially the worst!

Here are four love lessons from our four favorite TV couples.

  • ROSS & RACHEL- FRIENDS "We were on a BREAK!" This one line became iconic for all the right reasons. From being on/off in their relationship, Ross supporting Rachel through her pregnancy, to getting jealous over each other for dating other people while not wanting to date each other, this couple has been through some severe highs and lows. And unfortunately, our lesson lies in the one thing that this TV couple didn't do. Relationships require work! The one thing that could have saved this couple from all the emotional stress is communication.

  • JIM & PAM- THE OFFICE The cute TV couple stole our hearts for all the warm and fuzzy reasons. This couple truly teaches us the importance of the little things we do for each other and making efforts to make each other laugh. Although this couple had their fair share of issues from switching jobs to children, the fun element has always been a part of their romance. Their ability to crack each other up at the silliest things shows us that the key to a successful relationship is playfulness and sharing a laugh.

  • CRISTINA & PRESTON- GREY'S ANATOMY If you have been following Grey's Anatomy, you must wonder why this couple makes to the list as they ultimately broke up. However, it's all the more why this makes it to the list. Cristina is a strong-headed, ambitious woman who doesn't know how to be open and honest with her feeling, while Burke is the opposite in that aspect where he gets more demanding from Cristina. The duo was a power couple in so many ways, yet they fell apart, and it broke our hearts as well. The lesson? Balance!

  • CAPTAIN HOLT & KEVIN- BROOKLYN 99 This duo might not have been in the limelight of the show, but their elegant minimalistic attitude and display of affection is something that we could all use. They conveniently showed us that love needn't always be loud, and one doesn't need to shout out from rooftops to prove their affection and loyalty for the other. They are humble and so private about their love that it's adorable to witness the fact that, indeed, love is in the little things.

With the V-day right around the corner, love is in the air! However, it might not be the case for every couple. An important lesson for every person in a relationship is always to expect rough patches.

It's how you choose to handle them. As Bob Marley said, "the truth is everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."

If you feel ready for counseling, feel free to connect with our couples communication expert in Kansas City. Browse our website for more information.


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