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Anxiety and Depression Counseling in Kansas City



is a normal part of daily human existence. However, anxiety can be disrupting to your life and ability to function. If you think you suffer from anxiety and wish to break free from the chains of anxiety, help is here. Physical symptoms of: Muscle tension, Physical weakness, Poor memory, Sweaty hands, Fear or confusion, Inability to relax, Constant worry, Shortness of breath, Palpitations, Upset stomach, and Poor concentration are just a few examples of how anxiety can manifest itself. Anxiety is manageable with a variety of approaches and learned skills. Many people have experienced relief from their anxiety after counseling at KC Life Counseling. Learning skills of filtering, re-framing, and mindfulness have proven invaluable to many clients suffering from mild to severe anxiety and OCD.



- feelings of severe despondency and dejection.
- self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression”

Over 15 million people suffer from depression. Depression can affect any of us at anytime and some of us suffer and struggle with it everyday. Counseling can provide the jump start where you are currently to reduce the negative feelings, re-frame negative self talk, and regain hope about your life.

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